Say hello in your brand voice

Forget generic AI content. Let's build an AI that speaks with your brand voice.

Sound like yourself, with AI

Hypotenuse AI creates custom AI voices that sound human while accurately reflecting your unique brand voice, tone, style, and format.

Your voice, your knowledge

Our AI studies all of your existing content and brand guidelines to learn your unique voice, tone, and style.

  • Custom AI model writes in your brand voice
  • Train AI to use only your own internal documentation or websites
  • Your AI model and data stays yours

Use your brand voice anywhere

Easily and quickly create content of any type – from blogs to product descriptions to ad creatives – all in your brand voice.

  • Instantly batch generate product descriptions, SEO copy & more with our bulk generation tool
  • Select your brand voice and write entire blogs, ad copy, and social posts instantly

Build distinct brand voices for anything

Need more than 1 voice? Train and develop distinct AI writers for different platforms and switch between them.

  • Build distinct brand voices with unique tone, style, and format for social media, web content, product copy or blog
  • Switch between tones easily when writing content for different templates

Enforce your style guide with AI

Make sure that all of your content meets the same standard with AI-powered style guide features.

  • Automatically filter brand-banned words
  • Easily append templated text to the beginning or end of content
  • Design AI templates with frameworks for different types of content

Step 2

Launch in as little as 3 weeks

Kickoff quickly and unlock the power of generative AI for your team.

Talk to us and see how AI can work for you


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Custom AI templates and models tailored to your brand voice
For teams of more than 5 users

"We introduce hundreds of products monthly, and needed to quickly implement an elegant solution. Hypotenuse is hands-down the best tool that’s quick, easy, reliable & scalable."

Crystal Ramirez

Vice President, Tobi

"I can produce hundreds of product descriptions at once, easily customizing tone, style & content to match our brand voice exactly—decreasing production time, freeing up resources and dramatically improving our overall user experience."

Kristin Minasian

Digital Content Producer, Living Spaces

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