Connect and export directly to Webflow

Use our advanced AI to write well-researched and original blog posts. Export them onto Webflow without leaving the Hypotenuse AI platform.

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Draft your article with our blog writer

Our AI writer brings you from title creation to outline to article draft and finally a completed article.
Research for factual, up-to-date content about each section
Use our one-click Continue writing function to expand on a section while staying on topic
Edit easily with a curated set of in-built , or give our AI your own written instructions
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Connect your Webflow site

Set it up once and you're done. Connect to one account and one or multiple workspaces.
Under integrations, click to connect to Webflow. Sign in to your Webflow account and select your workspace.
A safe and secure way to connect with Webflow
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Export directly to your workspace

No more copy-pasting. Simply hit export to Webflow on our platform and it appears on your site instantly.
Map your fields and send the right content into your workspace
Retain the original formatting and headings when you export directly
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Hypotenuse AI helps you get from 0 to 1, fast. Our AI-powered tools help you plan, research, write and edit easily. Get a first draft out in no time.


Create engaging and SEO-optimized articles and export directly to Webflow. Our workflows help you move quickly and seamlessly.

Seamless setup

Hypotenuse AI integrates with Webflow in just a few clicks, requiring minimal effort to set up. Write on our platform and export directly to Webflow securely.