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Write for WordPress – directly on Hypotenuse AI

Use state-of-the-art AI to write factually accurate blog posts and publish them easily onto WordPress with the click of a button.

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Get published on WordPress instantly.

Integrate your WordPress site with Hypotenuse to quickly and easily publish content.

1. Draft your content with the help of smart tools

Our AI writer helps you complete your first draft with integrated smart writing and editor tools.

Research for factual content and statistics about each section with our Content Detective tool
Use our one-click Compose function to continue writing without straying from the topic
Edit seamlessly with a curated set of in-built Commands, or write your own for a more personalized result

2. Connect to your WordPress site

Create a new application password with your WordPress administrator role account to enable publishing directly.

Generate a secure password key on WordPress and authenticate with Hypotenuse AI directly
A safe and secure way to connect with WordPress

3. Publish directly to your site

Stop copying and pasting content onto your WordPress editor. Simply hit Publish from our platform and push content to your site.

Write and edit content directly on our AI document editor
Retain the original formatting, headings, and media when you publish directly



Hypotenuse AI helps you write and edit content seamlessly with our AI-powered tools. Get a first draft out in no time.


WordPress integration with Hypotenuse helps boost SEO rankings and make your content stand out by automatically optimizing your posts.

Seamless setup

Hypotenuse integrates with Wordpress in just a few clicks, requiring minimal effort to set up. Write with AI and publish directly onto Wordpress securely.

Write and publish in no time

Work smarter, not harder. Try Hypotenuse AI for free.

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