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One-stop AI writer for ecommerce brands

Craft thousands of High Quality Product Descriptions Instantly

Generate unique, high-converting descriptions in bulk

It takes only 20min to create
10,000 descriptions in one generation.

No product details? Let us handle it.

Generate natural sounding articles in a single click.
Instruct AI to improve your content with examples,

Custom brand voice and text formatting

Generate natural sounding articles in a single click.
Instruct AI to improve your content with examples,

Import and export the way you prefer

Generate natural sounding articles in a single click.
Instruct AI to improve your content with examples,




30 多种语言


Shorten time to market.
Launch and maintain thousands of products with ease.

Generate unique, high-converting descriptions in bulk

Get 1,000 distinctive descriptions in 20 minutes, not 20 days.
Generates SEO-optimized content using primary keywords.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Turn product images into persuasive descriptions

Generate descriptions with just the image or product name.
Enrich your content with details (e.g. specs) pulled live from the web.

Craft product stories in your brand voice and custom formatting

Bespoke AI model can be fully tailored to your various brands, channels or customer personas.
Customize the output—include bullet points, technical specs, or song lyrics if you'd like.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Import and export the way you prefer

Integrate directly with PIMs and refresh old content easily.
Import and export in csv, xlsx or your own format.

Collaborate and create content with enterprise-grade features

Supported with data privacy and security.
Collaborate in your team workspace and manage access as you need.
Generate content in 30+ languages.
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Digital shelf content optimization—get on page one of marketplaces

Most shoppers buy from the first page of search results on marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon. Analyze competitors and create winning product descriptions to get a larger slice of the pie.

Track product search ranking across marketplaces

Benchmark your product rankings against competitors
View analytics of your partner marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Target and more

Automate competitor analysis and optimization of your PDPs

Identify underperforming product listings and content gaps to fill
Generate product content optimized for search—our AI learns from top-performing SKUs to deliver unique descriptions with your primary keywords

Even the best products don’t sell if no one knows about them.
Promote them with marketing content.

SEO blog articles

Blog articles generated from your catalog.
SERP research and content gap analysis embedded in workflow.
Factually accurate with real time information.

Social media marketing

Turn your catalog or product into marketing content.
AI content made for Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads.


Facebook、Instagram、LinkedIn 等







以及 20 多种内容类型






IKEA Vase/ Watering Can 
Playful Furniture Product Description

Meet the ÄRTBUSKE, the cheeky green vase-watering can hybrid from IKEA. It's part function, part fashion, and all fun. With a 1.5-liter capacity, this bright buddy is ready to quench your plants or show off some blooms. And when it's off-duty? It sits pretty, adding a splash of playful color to your space. Go ahead, let this little green champ make your day a bit brighter!
Nike Dunk Low 
Sports Product Description

Slip into the Nike Dunk Low and elevate your game with a mix of sporty style and everyday comfort. These sleek low-tops offer lasting cushioned support and a snug, almost custom feel. Ready for impromptu games and laid-back days alike, they're built tough for action yet designed to pair effortlessly with any outfit. Athlete or fashion-forward, the Nike Dunk Low is your go-to shoe for a look that's as dynamic as you are.
Tools Product Description

Experience the strength and precision of the STANLEY® FATMAX® 28 oz 1 pc Steel Hammer, designed for those who demand reliability in their tools. Whether you're a professional tradesman or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this hammer is built to deliver performance when it counts.
- One-piece steel construction for strength and durability
- 28 oz weight for robust striking power
- Anti-vibe handle to minimize user fatigue
- Precision-balanced for superior accuracy
- Large strike face for easier nail driving
- STANLEY® FATMAX® quality and reliability
Chanel Black Medium Double Flap Shoulder Bag 
Luxury Product Description

The Chanel Black Medium Double Flap Shoulder Bag stands as a paragon of classic design. This piece, meticulously crafted from supple black lambskin leather, features the house's signature diamond quilting. Its elegant gold-tone hardware, including the iconic CC turn-lock, adds a subtle hint of opulence . The interwoven chain strap provides a touch of versatility to the sophisticated silhouette. Opening to a thoughtfully compartmentalized interior, the bag is a harmonious blend of luxury and function, a testament to Chanel's enduring legacy of craftsmanship.
Dyson V12S Detect Slim 
Appliance FAQ Description

What makes the Dyson V12S Detect Slim vacuum special?
The Dyson V12S Detect Slim is a powerhouse in a pint-sized package, featuring a laser that reveals hidden dust on hard floors and a piezo sensor that validates the depth of your cleaning efforts.

How powerful is the motor in the Dyson V12S Detect Slim?
It boasts a Hyperdymium™ motor that spins at an incredible 125,000rpm, generating a suction that means business.

What about the filtration system?
Fear not, the 5-stage filtration system is designed to trap 99.99% of particles, even those as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Will I be recharging this vacuum often?Nope, you're all set with up to 60 minutes of fade-free power, giving you plenty of time to conquer the chaos.

Is it easy to handle and store?
The slim design isn't just for looks; it makes the vacuum a breeze to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces.

How is the bin emptied?
With a simple one-click bin emptying mechanism, you can say goodbye to the mess of maintenance.
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"我们每月撰写数百篇内容,需要快速实施一个优雅的解决方案。Hypotenuse 是一款快速、简单、可靠且可扩展的最佳工具。

Crystal Raminez






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